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Premium Replacement Skate Blades

Step Steel and Tydan Performance Blades represent several outstanding replacement skate blade options for goalies and players. We are also proud to now include BladeTech replacement runners in our portfolio for players.

Whether you are a player or a goalie, having the utmost confidence in your skate blade's ability to maintain an edge will enable you to push your performance limits with the peace of mind that your safety is in hand.  We offer a custom profiling option for added performance and safety. The cool factor of having your custom blades engraved with your name, team name or logo doesn't hurt either.

We are very proud to feature Step Steel, Tydan Performance Blades and BladeTech as our premium replacement skate blades. All are Canadian engineered and Canadian made!

Tydan Performance Blades -  available now!

Step Steel Blades - available now!

BladeTech Blades - *** Coming Soon ***