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BLOK - Goalie Finger/Knuckle Protector

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BLOK is designed to protect a goalie’s fingers and knuckles of the stick hand by blocking pucks that slide up the shaft of the stick.

Simply slide the sleeve of the BLOK over the shaft of the stick and slide the BLOK down to the top of the paddle just below the fingers of the glove hand where it will effectively block the puck from hitting the fingers or hand.

BLOK is designed to be used during practice, training, and warm-ups where goalies are more susceptible to having pucks slide up the paddle due to the high volume of pucks. 

Invented and designed by Canadian retired Pro Goalie Guy St Vincent

  • Made from lightweight rubber
  • Available in Black or White (Coming Soon: Red or Blue)
  • One size fits most

** Currently accepting orders on a backorder basis. Items will ship upon arrival. ***

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