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About Us

Welcome to Mega’s Hockey Shop!

We are a family owned Online Hockey ProShop based in Almonte ON, specializing in hockey equipment repair and accessories to help enhance the performance and safety of Goalies and Players.  Our mission is to provide services that help keep all players safe and playing the game they love…hockey!

John (Mega) Miotla, founded Mega’s Hockey Shop in 2016.  John’s passion for hockey started back in the day as a player and as a rink rat, sharpening skates at his local arena in Northern Ontario. The hockey bug stayed relatively dormant during university years and during a career in High Tech, but the bug bit again as the kids got into hockey. Raising 3 goalies and serving as the trainer and de facto equipment manager for the kids’ teams raised an increased awareness in player safety and provided many opportunities to problem solve and hone skills leading to a new found passion in equipment repair.


Starting off with a few niche products coupled with a background in computers and business led to the launch of Mega's Hockey Shop with a focus on niche accessories to enhance the on ice safety of goalies and players. Then, sensing that much of Eastern Ontario outside of Ottawa is under serviced with respect to quality hockey equipment repair services, we picked up an industrial sewing machine to tackle equipment repairs and quickly expanded to 4 sewing machines and a patcher. 

In 2017 we launched our Mail in Equipment Repair Service which enables all hockey families, aspiring Pros and beer leaguers with easy and cost effective access to repair services regardless of where they live.  No more need to spend time in traffic and spend money on gas to drive into the city to leave a piece of equipment behind and then have to spend more time and money on gas to pick it up again.  It's simply easier and more cost effective to order the repair online and mail the equipment to us for the repairs.  Upon receiving the equipment we will review the needed repairs,  validate the estimate and then mail the equipment back when the repairs are completed. 

We perform many types of repairs including player glove re-palms, goalie blocker re-palms, goalie catcher re-lacing, skate eyelet reinforcement and replacement, skate tendon guard repairs, glove and pad binding replacement and more.

For the DIY enthusiast, we stock a wide selection of goalie gear parts, tools and accessories to enable repairs at home.  One of our goals is to earn the reputation of becoming the premier repair service provider and supplier for goalies in Eastern Ontario. 

We would like to remind our potential customers that although we seem to live in a throwaway society, many items can be repaired at a reasonable cost. Before you throw out your damaged gear, consider getting it repaired. You might be able to get a few more years out of a piece of gear for a minimal repair cost when compared to the cost of new equipment plus you won’t have to break in the new gear. 

We are proud to feature Canadian made products from BLADETECH Hockey, Nash Sports, PadSkinz and other fine manufacturers.