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Option B - Extra Straps

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These straps and hardware are the exact same as the straps and hardware in the Option B - Skate Strap Kit.   They can be used as replacement straps or can be used in addition to the Skate Strap Kit to create a 4 strap solution for extra security.

Goalies are also embracing the ease and benefits of adopting the Option B Skate Straps.  We highly recommend adding a 4th strap for goalie skates to keep them extra secure during the game.


- Put skates on with ease, in seconds not minutes
- Tightens as well as laces.
- Fasten skates with one hand.
- Easy to tighten for parents of young children.
- Easy to tighten for adult hockey players.
- Great for outdoor skating. No more cold hands!

Each package of Option B - Extra Straps includes: 1 Set of 2 Velcro Skate Straps with Hardware

Requires the Option B - Skate Strap Kit

*** The new version of Option B straps has a layer of skate lace for reinforcement and a traditional skate lace aesthetic ***

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